Reflect Your Style With Gorgeous Light Weight Bangles

The tinkling sound of bangles is an indication that the celebration season has shown up. No customary gathering is finished without bright bangles. As the celebration season approaches there is an abrupt flood in the interest for bangles. Generally known as “Churi”, they are made in glass, metal, lakh/lac, plastic, finish, silver, gold and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The significance of glass bangles traces all the way back to when gold was the valuable metal worn by the lords and prosperous individuals. Glass, which was modest and plentiful, was for the average folks. Accordingly making it the most famous material used to make bangles. Today glass bangles are well known for their assortment of tones. Albeit an uproar of shadings are likewise found in Lakh/Lac and metal bangles.

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The meaning of bangles is profound inside the way of life and customs of India. It is viewed as awful sign for wedded ladies not to enhance their hands with bangles. The kind of bangles and bracelets like gold or glass worn by wedded lady or a young lady mirrors their better half or father’s fortune.

Tones in bangles are firmly connected with characteristics individuals ought to have inside themselves. To give some examples, red is for the energy and love, green is related with prudence and immaculateness and blue is intended for peacefulness. Albeit the significance of the bangle tones is practically something very similar all through the various societies, they vary in their capacity. For instance in certain societies green hued bangles are worn during or after marriage, while different societies accept as a matter of fact red shaded bangles are the norm for marriage and wedded lady.


Bangles have developed through time in their style with its taking off prevalence. Every one of these bangle styles can be worn in one or two hands relying upon your outfit, style and event.

Customary “Churis” or Bangles are extremely slim approximately.18″ in width. Gold, Silver or copper tone design bangles is an absolute necessity have in your gems box. They jive well with eastern or western dresses. Continuously wear them in packs for an alarming impact.

“Kangans” are thick bangles about.25″ in width. Pair them with dainty bangles to make your own personal bangle set that goes with the shadings in your outfit.

The most well known “Kada” in style adornments is the gold plated studded with semi valuable or kundan stones. They as a rule range from.50″ to 2.5″ in width.

Generally they accompany movable screws so they can be worn tight like a sleeve on the wrist or free like a bangle. “Kada” is viewed as an assertion piece so pair little rings with it.